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26 June 2009 @ 10:08 pm

as you can see, we have 77 memebers! &hearts lol wow. i never thought of reaching this number but wtf, you guys are awesome OKAY FINE IT'S A FEW NUMBER BUT JUST STFU. and so, it's the first time i'm doing this. request time! :D even in my previous icon communities, even though it reached 100+ members i never--ever posted a request entry. :p REQUESTS WILL BE CLOSED NEXT WEEK, TUESDAY. so request now!

> only 7 LJ icons, 3-5 plurk icons and 2 headers.
> i will only do LJ icons, plurk icons and headers.
> HQ and MQ images only, guys. :D
> reservations are okay. there's no limit though &hearts
> you have the option to make your icons shareable or not.

hobutt (header)
candyapplegirls (header)
lkhfeel (header)
sugarwarrior (mix)
iheartftisland (header)

and please answer my icon crit thread! i will love you forever if you will.

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